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Shipping of Swedish groceries by Onfos 

We collect our clients orders over a specific period and subsequently order all goods from our partner ICA Maxi in Sweden.

The goods is transported to our warehouse in Hamburg with refrigerated trucks, guaranteeing the cool chain. Upon arrival, all goods will be picked, packed and handed over to the respective shipping service provider, all within one day.

Our delivery times

We deliver every week. In normal weeks we have two order deadlines:

1. Order deadline: Friday 11.59 PM (German time zone) –> Shipment on Tuesday

Orders placed between Tuesday, midnight, and Friday, 11:59 PM (German time zone), will usually be shipped the following Tuesday. The delivery time is one to two days and depends on which (federal) country you live in and which shipping method you have chosen.

2. Order deadline: Monday 11.59 PM (German time zone) –> Shipment on Wednesday

Orders placed between Saturday, midnight, and Monday, 11:59 PM (German time zone), will usually be shipped the following Wednesday. The delivery time is one to two days and depends on which (federal) country you live in and which shipping method you have chosen.

Important! During the high season (Easter, Midsummer and Christmas) we expand our capacities and receive goods from our Swedish partner several days a week. All changes to order deadlines will be announced on our website. There is no delivery on public holidays. This can also mean that we have to adjust the delivery times and send your order later. Chilled and bread packages will not be send if a delivery prior to the weekend can not be guaranteed. Packages containing only dry goods are not affected, but are also not delivered on public holidays and are delayed by one working day. 

Delivery area and shipping method

Delivery time and shipping costs depend on the destination country. In total we deliver to eight different countries:

Shipping fee table 

Destination                                                                               Shipping fee (not chilled),
order < 75,00 
Shipping fee (not chilled),
order  75,00 €
Shipping method              Expected transit time
(Usual time after dispatch in Hamburg/Germany)
Germany from 4,90 € free DHL, UPS Standard,
UPS ExpressSaver
1-2 days
Belgium 9,90 € 4,90 € UPS Standard 1 day
Denmark 9,90 € 4,90 € UPS Standard 1 day
France (temporary fee) 12,90 € 7,90 € UPS Standard 2 days
Netherlands 9,90 € 4,90 € UPS Standard 1 day
Austria 12,90 € 7,90 € UPS Standard 2 days
Luxembourg 9,90 € 4,90 € UPS Standard 1 day
England 12,90 € 7,90 € UPS Standard 2 days
Italy Cooled and dry assortment (10000-50999) 12,90 € 7,90 € UPS Standard 2 days
Italy Cooled and dry assortment (00010-00069,
00123-00128, 00155-00197, 01010-06135,
51010-70131 (exceptions possible), 80121-80147)
15,90 € 10,90 € UPS Standard 2 days
Italy Dry assortment (all other areas) 15,90 € 10,90 € UPS Standard 2-5 days
Portugal, Dry assortment 15,90 € 10,90 € UPS Standard 3-4 days
Spain, Dry assortment 15,90 € 10,90 € UPS Standard 3 days
Greece, Dry assortment 15,90 € 10,90 € UPS Standard 6 days
Czech Republic, Dry assortment 9,90 € 4,90 € UPS Standard 2-3 days

For chilled deliveries, we charge an additional fee of 5.00 € (incl. VAT) for a styrofoam box and dry ice and/or cooling gel. 

Shipping methods within Germany

Within Germany, we offer shipping with DHL Paket, UPS Standard and UPS ExpressSaver.
You can choose the shipping method yourself.

UPS ExpressSaver (with delivery guarantee)

UPS ExpressSaver guarantees a delivery until 06:00 PM the day after shipment was sent to any address in Germany.

The shipping costs for UPS ExpressSaver are 8.90 € (including VAT). With a goods value over 75,00 € the shipping costs  are 3,00 € at most.

Packingstations (DHL Packages)

We also deliver to DHL packingstations. The maximum size for packages is 60x35x35 cm. If you intend to order many goods, we ask you to consider this and in case of doubt to specify a regular address for the delivery.

Click & Collect

From May 2019 we also offer the possibility to pick up your order in our storage in the eastern part of Hamburg.

You can pick up your order Wednesdays between 15:30-17:00 and Fridays between 9:00-17:00.

Important: Before pickup please make sure which order deadline your order belongs to. This is to make sure you know when your ordered products are available in our storage. On this page we provide you with clear information regarding our two different order deadlines. Please read it carefully.

If you have ordered fresh goods Onfos only take responsibility for the freshness of the goods if you pick them up on time. If you cannot pick up your goods on time and you pick them up at a later point, the products may have a short expiration date. For example, fresh bread normally has about 7 days to expiration date and at pick up just a few days. When you have made an order and chosen Click & Collect, it is your own responsibility to pick up your order on time. Onfos take no responsibility if you do not pick up your order on time.

Storage Address

Gutenbergstrasse 29
21465 Reinbek

You will find the entrance next to the loading ramp, next to the animal clinic's parking lot. The door is to the right of the loading ramp, where the stair also is.

In the order process you will only be able to see the alternative Click & Collect if you have a ZIP-code between 20095 and 22769

For orders up to 75,00 EUR Click & Collect costs 1,00 EUR.
For orders over 75,00 EUR, Click & Collect is for free.

Packaging material         

For the packaging of your orders we use normal cardboard boxes. Our goal is to minimize the impact on the environment. For this reason, we are constantly working to reduce the consumption of packaging material.

Shipping of refrigerated goods

The refrigerated goods are packed in functional styrofoam boxes. To keep the cold chain, we use gel-filled cooling packs and put them into the boxes. Both the gel and its plastic wrap are non-toxic and can be disposed pollutant-free.

Shipping of frozen goods

From time to time we also offer frozen goods. So we have, for example deep-frozen crayfish as part of our product range.

Shipping of frozen goods during the crayfish-season, August to September

During the crayfish season we ship crayfish with dry ice, which is in a so called "cool bag". This bag should not be touched with bare hands, but only with gloves. Otherwise burns can occur after a short time. The dry ice sublimates quickly so that only the coolbag remains. This can be disposed of in normal waste. Until the dry ice is completely sublimated, it should be stored in a well-ventilated room, as the resulting carbon dioxide can cause suffocation. Always keep the dry ice out of reach for children and animals.

During this period all our customers in Denmark, Germany, Austira, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, France and England can order crayfish.  

Shipping of frozen goods during other months

We ship frozen goods without dry ice and use a fast and reliable shipping method, so that the goods arrive on time. 

Germany: We always ship with UPS ExpressSaver

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Denmark: Shipping with UPS Standard

In England, Italy, Austria and France we unfortunately cannot deliver any frozen goods (like crayfish). During the crayfish season of course this is possible (please see above) 


For questions and further information we are at your disposal. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Onfos team