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  • Lieferung in mehreren Ländern
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How it works

You visit our online shop www.onfos.de, select original Swedish groceries and place an order.

Our weekly order deadlines are Sunday 23:59 CET and Monday 23:59 CET. Please see about the delivery time here https://www.onfos.de/shipping.

After the order deadline we submit the data to our ICA-Maxi Partner in Helsingborg, where the ordered goods are being picked by ICA staff. Afterwards, the agglomerated deliveries are sent to our warehouse in Hamburg/Germany in a refrigerated truck.

In the warehouse our own staff put together all customer orders, pack them professionally and forward to the parcel service provider, that bring the package directly to your door. We deliver in many countries. The fast logistics is why we can offer a wide selection, including fresh groceries every week, for instance fresh bread. Read more about the shipping alternatives and delivery time at www.onfos.de/shipping.

Substitute items ("Ersatzware/Ersättningsvara"):

In case the desired groceries are not available in Sweden, ICA's well-trained staff is going to pick a substitute product of at least similar quality and quantity. If you are not satisfied by the substitute item or if there is no substitute available, we are going to reimburse you – either directly via bank transfer or using a discount voucher for your next purchase at Onfos.

In case you do not want substitutes, you can opt for the "No substitutes" option ("Keine Ersatzware"/"Ingen ersättningsvara") for each item in your cart.

Our groceries differ regarding the expiration dates. Particularly fresh bread has a short shelf life.
To ensure maximal freshness and storage life, your items are picked by ICA in Helsingborg.
In the seldom case we deliver a product that has already expired, we will of course reimburse you – either directly via bank transfer or by discount voucher.

Our vision:
We want to deliver all desired Swedish groceries – throughout the year and at a fair price.

About Onfos:
All members of the Onfos team do have a close connection to Sweden. Some of us have grown up there, some have studied in Sweden, and all of us visit the country frequently.
Swedish food is our passion and we know that Sweden offers high-quality groceries. Thus, we want to spread these groceries over Europe. We want you to get the chance to enjoy fresh Swedish milk and caviar spread for breakfast.
We want to offer you a broad selection of delicious groceries. In a unique cooperation, the ICA team in Helsingborg/Sweden supports us to fulfill this vision.